Direct Mail

direct mailTired of trying to understand the ever-changing rules, regulations and language of the USPS? Let our on-site postal specialists monitor changes in postal regulations and help explain what they mean to you.


We have the rare designation of being a satellite post office, so we have access to USPS employees who come to our location and can keep you abreast of any new postal developments to ensure your project meets all postal standards.  As your satellite post office, we’ll ensure you pay the lowest possible postage.


Our mailroom offers a variety of services including:

  • List management (de-duping, merge/purge, NCOA)
  • Custom list creation – we identify your unique business needs and through marketing analytics, allow you to zero in on your best prospects, remove unnecessary waste and increase ROI.
  • Permit usage, polybagging, shrink-wrapping, inserting, tabbing, fugitive gluing, mail personalization, high speed inkjet addressing and more.

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