Fonts and Colors to Avoid with Your Print Design

Fonts and Colors to Avoid with Your Print Design

Fonts and Colors to Avoid with Your Print Design

Fonts and Colors to Avoid with Your Print Design

When it comes to print, first impressions can be everything. Whether it’s a magazine, a brochure, or a flyer, the appearance of a print can have as much of an effect on the reader as the content does. It is important to be conscious of the effect that fonts, color schemes, and design choices can have on effectiveness.

Most offset printing companies are aware of these common industry taboos and can inform users about them during the process of preparing files before printing. Printing companies with a knowledgeable staff can provide tips and advice during this process. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to be knowledgeable about these in order to speed up the process of printing by offset printing companies.

Font Styles

Some prints have a purpose related to business while others are casual or recreational. Based on this, specific fonts should be used. While no one style is particularly “right or wrong,” most businesses and organizations tend to use formal-looking fonts over curvy, casual-looking fonts when it comes to creating business print.

Even casual print should often stay away from fonts such as Comic Sans or Poor Richard. A more formal and professional appearance is always preferable, regardless of the subject matter of the print. Crisp and formal fonts are better at catching the attention of readers and conveying a professional message.


Utilizing a proper design is a very important part of any print. Pictures, layouts, and imagery can play a huge part in separating a good print design from a great one. Designs should be based around the content and used in a subtle way.

Images and design choices shouldn’t overpower the information. Instead, they should complement it. Using templates and formats offered by the offset printing company can help make the design process much easier.

Color Schemes

A well-written and well-designed print piece can still fail to hold the attention of viewers if the color scheme is not pleasant to look at. Too many dark colors, too many light colors, or a combination of colors which do not match complement each other can make content visually unappealing.


The overall flow of any print piece is related to the font style, color scheme, design, and content. The offset printing company used to create the print is also a huge factor in the final flow and appearance of the print. Avoiding unappealing fonts and designs can be difficult on your own, so enlisting the help of a quality company to help you produce a top-quality print product is a solid choice.