How to Avoid Poor Quality Print Ads

How to Avoid Poor Quality Print Ads

How to Avoid Poor Quality Print Ads

How to Avoid Poor Quality Print Ads

Advertisements are a major part of business. While large corporations have entire teams dedicated to marketing, many small organizations have one individual who is in charge of creating ads to bring in customers. However regardless of team size or budget, the quality of an ad is the deciding factor on whether or not a marketing campaign will be successful.

However the “quality” of an ad doesn’t just refer to the subject matter. The overall presentation is important as well. The color scheme, design, resolution of images, and fonts used are also a large part of an ad’s appeal. In order to avoid a poor quality ad, it should be understood what separates a good ad from a bad ad.

File Quality – Color, Design, Fonts

If one wishes to avoid poor quality print, they should ensure the native file (original file from the application used for content creation) has “good bones.”  For optimal reproduction, Martin Printing recommends the resolution of all images be no less than 300 dpi.  In addition, keeping small black type setup as 100% black in the file, rather than a build of colors, will keep text crisp and easy to read, no matter the production process used.  It’s also critical to ensure fonts are embedded and photos and art elements linked in the native file.

You can always rely on the help of a commercial printing company like Martin Printing to do the file checking (and fixing) for you. This will ensure your brand, and your finished product convey a  professional presentation.

When creating files for print, consult professionals about templates and suggestions. Certain types of fonts, designs, and color schemes function better in print ads than others. By using industry standards and choices which are popular based on their appeal, an ad can have a much higher quality.

Company Quality

When choosing a company to help with producing files for print, it is important to look for several key characteristics.  Martin Printing features online tools that the customer can use to shape their content to their own unique specifications.

Customers should ask for sample work and check a company’s history before enlisting their help for printing purposes. Plenty of companies can print, but using the highest quality equipment and service is something that should be sought out if customers want professional looking print collateral.

The Larger Impact of Print

How a message translates in print can make or break a business endeavor. It is important to advertise, network, and build a good reputation among clients and customers. High-quality print show others that the business is professional and takes itself seriously. While low quality print may express laziness or an uncaring attitude, a crisp, sharp, and well-presented printed piece can make any business seem more viable in the eyes of others.