Save Money: Consider Inkjet Technology

Save Money: Consider Inkjet Technology

It’s a great time to be a southeast publication printing company. The latest innovations in digital print are creating amazing opportunities to re-evaluate the role of print in publishing, marketing, and communications.

The assumption used to be that inkjet is best for printing transactional style documents, such as invoices and bills. However, the reality is that inkjet can have a far wider, more profit-driven impact on production capability.

Let’s Explain

Inkjet used to focus on forms replacement for transaction documents. Today, however, production inkjet has blossomed into a powerful, versatile tool that many southeast publication printing companies are using to enjoy cutting-edge applications, and create new ones.

The marketing landscape’s shift to digital is actually spurring new demands from many a brand owner, making it crucial for the industry to shape the future of print, as opposed to just responding to the status quo.

There are three particular ways that production inkjet, and indeed the printers using it, are innovating technologies and applications:

  1. An Increased Workload, and Faster Job Turnaround Times, Equals Better Profit and More Happy Clients

Let’s face it, we are a society that craves instant gratification. Everyone wants everything right now which means that companies want their orders fulfilled as soon as possible, no questions asked. For a southeast publication printing company, this requires technology that surpasses digital methods, which aren’t yet nimble enough to offer a transactional production run at the same time as a direct mail piece, with little to no downtime.

Over the past decade, production inkjet has evolved into an affordable, effective option. Whether you’re dealing with a full color document, a glassy direct mail piece, or even graphics books, inkjet technology is able to meet the needs of every demand with the highest precision and top-notch quality output.

  1. Printing books in smaller quantities is now an option and is far more cost effective

Having the ability to produce short runs of varying outputs is a big advantage of inkjet. For example, in the case of books, offset may still be the go-to technology if you want to produce high quantity runs, but inkjet is giving book printers the opportunity to produce shorter runs with just the right amount for the client’s purpose.

For instance, marketing copies that are distributed during the promotional phase of the book launch, and review copies that are used during editing are two applications that require low quantity print runs. Inkjet is also enabling books to never really go out of print by making it so much easier for printers to meet one-off demands for rarer or older books.

Now let’s look at the educational market. Customized booklets that may only be used once, or textbooks that may not be in such high demand are other examples that are perfect for inkjet’s short run capabilities.

  1. Making marketing messages and sales offers more relevant to readers

Today, direct marketing output is incredibly simple to customize. As more marketing collateral moves towards digital forms, like mobile apps and email, the value of printed communication is actually increasing.

Clients are demanding higher quality output that will grab attention with the right content, as well as provide interactive elements like clickable paper and QR codes. Even coupons can be customized quickly and effortlessly.

Deeper psychographic and demographic information can be included, and it’s easy to reference the recipient’s buying habits, recent purchases, and any other information that ensures that the content is received at the right time, by the right people, and with the perfect message.

Inkjet’s heritage is variable data, and together with continued evolution, it further empowers marketing agencies to take full advantage of its fast, efficient, customizable technology.

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